About Us

Now a second generation family business, Popcorn Planet began life on a small kitchen table in London. Since then, we’ve transformed our passion for popcorn into a leading popcorn business, supplying several of the UK’s leading retailers, theatres, cinemas and more with our award-winning great-tasting snacks.

We start each batch with the finest corn, sourced only from the finest corn growers, and transform each kernel into premium popcorn using 100% natural oils and seasonings. We’ve come a long way from the kitchen table, and now pop several tonnes of popcorn every year in our SALSA certified popcorn factory in North London.

Since the beginning, we’ve been delighting our customers with delicious, premium popcorn, seasoned with only the best flavours and packed in an extensive range of formats from pillow bags to seasonal gifting tins. In all that time, we’ve always remained committed to bringing our customers fresh products, unique creations, and above all, a service they can rely on.