About Us

Popcorn Planet's journey began humbly at a small kitchen table, where our love for popcorn ignited the spark of creativity and innovation. Over the years, we've grown into a prominent player in the popcorn industry, proudly serving some of the UK's foremost retailers, theaters, cinemas, and more with our award-winning, delectable snacks.

Our popcorn-making process starts with carefully selected, top-quality corn, sourced exclusively from the finest corn growers. With the utmost dedication, we transform each kernel into premium popcorn using 100% natural oils and the finest seasonings available. Our evolution from that kitchen table has led us to a remarkable milestone: today, we pop several tonnes of popcorn annually at our state of the art SALSA-certified facility.

From our very inception, we've focused on bringing joy to our customers through delicious, high-quality popcorn, masterfully seasoned with the most exquisite flavours. Our popcorn comes in an extensive range of formats, from convenient pillow bags to beautifully designed seasonal gifting tins. Throughout our journey, our unwavering commitment remains the same: to provide our customers with fresh, innovative products, unique creations, and, above all, a dependable service they can always count on.